Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Seeing Diamonds: Embroidered Monogram

It looks as though I'm going to try to embroider this design on all the things.  Here are three different ways I've used the Diamond Font.

You can get this embroidery font on etsy (order through ebates for cash back).  And you can see where I first used it here.

This bag is from T-Shirts & Jeans.  It's cute on its own, but why not add some personalization to the back?!

Plain tank from Walmart-- personalized!

This didn't turn out as well as I would have liked, no thanks to the thread.  I bought a box of thread with over 30 spools.  I wanted lots of different colors, and it was an economical way to go.  The problem is some of the spools don't embroider as well as others.  It's always a surprise to see how a spool will act.  I hadn't used this color yet, and it kept breaking and fraying.  Drats.  This was a Mother's Day present for my mom.

Finally, here's a banner with peachy pink fabric and a bright green monogram.  These were the perfect initials for the font to shine.

Now, what I can embroider next with this monogram? 😉

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