Monday, May 22, 2017

Displaying Photos + Memories on Tin Tiles + Wood Planks

If you're looking for a unique way to display photos, then this is the project for you.

My brother got married last month, and my mom wanted some ways to display photos for the wedding rehearsal dinner.

She used antique tin ceiling tiles as the backdrop to pictures-- a twist on a bulletin board!  She first tried gluing clips to the tin tiles, but the glue and clips didn't stay put.  She then went and bought heavy-duty magnets and glued the clips to the magnets.  This way you can move the clips around as you change out photos, allowing you to change the layout of your pictures.

You can find tin tiles at antique stores and flea markets or pick up replica ceiling tiles at hardware stores.  The small binder clips can be picked up at any store that sells office supplies.  Heavy-duty magnets can be picked up at craft supply stores.

You can prop the tins on an easel or hang them by gluing wire to the back or attaching a sawtooth hanger.  My mom made this photo tin to hang in her kitchen:

If you don't have access to tin ceiling tiles, use an antique wood board instead (like below).  You can glue the binder clips to the board.  Don't have an old board laying around?  Pick up a new piece of wood and distress it yourself!

While this doesn't display photos, it's a good way to use distressed boards.  My mom purchased the gather sign and glued it to the antique boards to hang in the kitchen next to the tin tile.

These projects are quick and easy ways to personalize a space!

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