Friday, March 31, 2017

Toddler Bedroom + Playroom

This week we had a flashback to Harlow's nursery as it was decorated while I was still pregnant.  You can see the full nursery tour here and the round up of projects here.

Now that my daughter is two (almost two and a half...whaaaat?!), I updated her room a bit.  We took out the changing table, moved her tent, and added some more storage.  So let's chat about the room as it is now.

I moved the banner from her crib to above her bed.  I actually did this a while ago and added the paper puffs (kits I bought at JCPenney ages ago).  We converted her crib to a toddler bed.  The pillow you see is temporary while I work on a pillowcase for her.  Now that she's old enough, I added a quilt I made for her when I was pregnant.

The bow holder is now a little more crowded than it was before she was born, but it has worked perfectly for our needs.  Her stuffed animals are stuffed into this basket I got at Target.

You'll see her coats hanging on the curtain rod in the background, because it's convenient-- ha!  The purpose of a bedroom is for a toddler to live in and not just for looks, right?

The three drawer cabinet is Circo brand.  I got it at a store called Dirt Cheap for $15.  It's great for her undies, purses, and dress up clothes.  It's also a great desk for her night light and nightly reading pile.

The rose gold, diamond pendant light is from Ross.  Score!

This rolling cart is also a Circo piece that I picked up at Dirt Cheap for $15.  It's great for toys.

The tent we made her for her first birthday was in the playroom until just a couple months ago.  You can see how to make one here.

The closet space has been perfect for all our needs these past two years.  The cubes are great for storage and books, and the rod in the back is great for switching out clothes for the seasons and for putting back clothes she hasn't grown into yet.

Insert pictures of the said toddler here... :)

Now the playroom--
Harlow's tent was in here for over a year with all of her other toys like stuffed animals and kitchen items.  It was crowded, lacked floor space, and had no real organization.  She also didn't have a table to sit at to color or read or do anything.  These were all issues I wanted to fix, so we could really enjoy and use this space to its full potential.

I took a "before" picture of the playroom, but now I have no idea where it is.  So just imagine that it's crowded, toys are piled up in random baskets on the floor, and there's an outdated rug on the floor.

How it looks now: 

We moved the piano, and it made the room feel much more spacious.  I got this huge rug at Ross.  The table and chairs set and rack are from Target (order through ebates for 1% cash back).  My tip about ordering/buying from Target is wait for sales!  Target always has some kind of discount on their website or on their Cartwheel app.  I had a percentage off both of these items at the time I ordered them.

I didn't stage this room before I took photos.  This is real life and what it looks like when we put toys away.  I tried to make the space play-friendly and easy to clean up.  I got a pink basket and a drink holder in the $1 Spot at Target for colors and play dough and miscellaneous items.  The shoe rack is great for organizing, and the table has a storage basket for tea cups and whatever else Harlow decides to hide in there!  The other wall of this room is my workspace, so we spend a lot of time in this room.

These rooms may not be staged or Pinterest-perfect, but I can tell you that they're cheery, functional, and get a lot of use!  Your home should be a space to enjoy.  Adding all the storage makes it much easier to clean up and frees up floor space.  You definitely can see a toddler lives in this house, but that doesn't mean we can't have a little style.  I hope this gave you a few ideas for your kid space!

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