Thursday, February 23, 2017

Monogrammed Dress + Stanton Family Photos

Today is Colin's mom's birthday.  It's a big birthday-- we'll say she's 30 ;).  For one of her presents, we took pictures to print  and frame for her.  We set up my camera and tripod, set the timer, and posed!  In case you've ever wondered, that's how Colin and I take most of our family photos.  I only recommend it for people that are okay taking the same picture several times to get at least one that's acceptable...and be okay with running to get in the photo before the timer goes off!

About a week of so before Loren (Colin's sister) told us she wanted us to do pictures, I bought a dress for Harlow on clearance.  Loren wanted us to do a blue/tan/white theme, and thankfully I had just the dress for Harlow!

I got the dress from Shoe Choo Train in Conway.  It's Mudpie brand, and I found it on sale here are well (although it was cheaper at Shoe Choo if you're local and if they have any left).  I embroidered the H using Lynnie Pinnie's Quick Sketch font.  The boots are from Crazy 8.  I made the flower headband when I had my boutique, and put it aside to keep when I found out I was pregnant.  I used a blue bow clip to keep the headband in place.


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