Monday, February 27, 2017

Instructions: Vintage Sock Bear

My mom gave me a vintage book with instructions on making sock toys of all sorts.  I really wanted to make one for my nephew Corben.  Colin had some UCA socks that he had worn a hole into, and I knew they would be perfect for making a UCA (University of Central Arkansas) Bear.  Below are pictures of the bear I made, and below those are photos of the instructions to make your own!

I made the polar bear since it more closely resembled a real bear instead of making the teddy bear.  I will say that I had to play with the instructions a bit and make it work for what I wanted, liking changing the bear tail and not using buttons for eyes since this was for an infant.  I had to use a seam ripper and undo a few things, like making the legs the length I wanted after not liking what the instructions told me.  This is a fun project, but be prepared to improvise and not have a perfect creature.  Keep in mind this book was written in 1958, and have fun with it!  My nephew doesn't mind if his bear isn't perfect-- just as long as that bear will let him drool and chew on him!

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