Friday, October 28, 2016

DIY: Felt Bows

I love the look of felt bows.  They're versatile and cheap and easy to make.  I made three different bows which happened to go with three different outfits for three big days.  You can do this with minimal craft experience and for a couple bucks.

Let's get started!

^ I wound up not using the fabric, sequins, or elastic headband.  Not pictured: hair clips from Hobby Lobby in fabric section (usually on end cap by ribbon)

I found a few tutorials on Pinterest for felt bows but in the end went with the template from oliver + s.  One difference I made to her tutorial (which many of you should rejoice over) was I used glue instead of sewing.

For some reason I cannot find a single photo I took while making these.  What a great tutorial this is going to be!

You'll be fine if you follow the oliver + s template and tutorial. When you get ready to assemble the bow, use craft or fabric glue if you don't want to sew.  When you get ready to glue or sew the last piece (the center piece that in my picture below has ribbon wrapped around it), be sure not to glue the back of the piece to the bow.  Meaning: The ends of the center strip meet at the back.  I glued the ends on top of each other but did not glue the ends to the back of the bow.  That will allow me to slip a hair clip through the back.  You can glue the hair clip in place then if you wish.  I didn't glue it, so I could remove the clip if I wanted.

For two of the bows, I wrapped ribbon/craft fibers around the center and glued them in place.  I also glued that center piece to the bow on the top (but not on the back, remember, so the hair clip can slide in).

For one bow, I did not glue the center piece on the back or the front, because I wanted to clip an antique earring on the front.

These bows are so quick to make, and felt is pretty inexpensive!  Embellish however you like!

^Harlow on the day of her birthday party wearing the bow with the antique earring

^ Harlow on her birthday at the pumpkin patch wearing the two bows with ribbons at the bottom of her pigtails.

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