Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Unique Jewelry Storage (for Women + Men): No Crafting Required!

I'm always looking for ways to neatly display and store my jewelry.  I have a large jewelry chest I got for Christmas one year, but I like to have a few pieces out for when I'm in a hurry.  I usually rotate necklaces and bracelets to fit the season.  I keep my wedding band on a little dish with earring studs that go with just about any outfit.  That way I can grab and put on a few classic or trendy pieces in a jiffy.

Here are three ways you can display your jewelry with items you may have around the house or can pick up for an affordable price.

A hand towel rack is great for bracelets and shorter necklaces.  I've seen these at TJ Maxx in different finishes and styles.  I like the ones with curved handles, similar to this one: InterDesign Axis Towel Holder for Bathroom Vanities - Chrome.

Side note: The leather bracelet is one of the Good Works Bracelets that I got for Christmas, and the braided one is from Wanderer Bracelets.  Colin gave it to my for my birthday this year.  Click here for $5 off: clicky click!

Look at baby Marla!  This is a table at my parents' house in the room that Colin and I sleep in.  I brought this plate to keep my jewelry organized when I visit.

This is an antique egg plate.  It's perfect for keeping rings and earrings organized.  This plate also has a large space in the middle that is great for bracelets and a watch.

A little antique shopping might be all you need to find a great plate like this!  This one belonged to Colin's grandmother.  I have a Fiesta egg tray that I love using for things like this too.

Lastly, here's an idea for the guys (and gals!).  A cigar box is a great way to hide a mess, whether it's jewelry, discount cards, miscellaneous items.  The box above is what my husband keeps on his dresser for those random items that need storing.  I use a newer box for buttons.

I'm definitely not endorsing smoking!  My grandfather always had cigar boxes, so it's sentimental for me.  I also love the vintage artwork.  You can find these at flea markets or get new ones at cigar shops.  I found some on Amazon if you're not able to find some locally: Paper Covered Empty Cigar Box; Pack of 10.

I hope this gave you some ideas!  What are your favorite ways to display (or hide) your jewelry and knick-knacks?

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