Saturday, July 02, 2016

Musee Bath Bombs

My brother's girlfriend, Katie, works at a store that sells all kinds of neat items.  When I was in junior high and high school, my mom and I would go for me to pick out Boyd's Bears (anyone remember those?).  My dad and I would go at Christmas to sip wassail and see their elaborate Christmas villages.  They don't do the villages anymore or the bears, but they have other fun things now.

Katie gave me a little Valentine bag with slippers and a bath bomb in it.  One night I sent my daughter to stay with my parents when Colin had to work late.  It meant I had a night to myself.  I dragged my laptop into the bathroom to binge watch some youtube, put on a face mask, and threw a Musee bath bomb in the tub.

I think it was the Amazing Grace scent.  The water turned from white (which is the outside color of the ball) to deep red (which is the color hidden inside).  My skin felt so soft after that bath!  The fun thing about these bombs is each has a little prize inside.  

At Easter I was given the Don't Worry, Be Happy bath bomb, which is very energizing.  Again, soft skin and a fun prize.

As I'm writing this blog, I've just gotten out of the bath and soaked in Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.  It smelled so good and had little flecks of glitter.  And yep, smooth skin and a prize again.

I have two bath bombs in my stash left to try.  I space them out so they feel like a real treat, and I can find time to really soak and enjoy them.  I just thought I'd pass on my stamp of approval if you're looking for a unique gift or a new way to pamper yourself.

UPDATE 7-6-16:  I got two more Musee bath bombs for my birthday (July 5)!  I soaked in the yummy Happy Birthday bomb the day after my birthday, and Harlow loved the pink bathwater! 

Edit:  Musee calls their product Bath Balms.  I'm just a grandma who kept calling them bath bombs.  Sorry for the mixup :)

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