Monday, June 20, 2016

Monogramming: Women's Shirts

Summer is officially here!  Sun's out, gun's out!  Here are some summer shirts to wear all summer long.  Who says embroidery/monogramming is just for kids?  I personalized some shirts for my mom and me.  The shirts were cheap, so even if you had to pay someone to do the embroidery for you, you wouldn't be out much for the shirts.
My mom got this shirt at Ross for around $5.  I used the font Frog's Kiss to embroider her initials.

I got all of these Fruit of the Loom tanks at Walmart in the mens section.  They were less than $4 (before tax).  They are a Comfort Colors knock-off.  They definitely aren't the quality and fit of Comfort Colors, but they are much cheaper!
Both of the above monogramming fonts are the Interlocking Vine font from Boutique Fonts.
I wanted to do something a little different on this Walmart tank.  The pineapple frame and Mini Monogram font are also both from Boutique Fonts.  Here's a little secret I learned after I bought the Mini font-- you can download it for free in the files section of their Facebook page.

These tanks are perfect for a swimsuit coverup or even just a casual day.

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