Wednesday, May 25, 2016

VW Week | Day Four: Beetle Interior

Day we picked up the Bug:

Now it looks new!
The Bug has all new carpet and seat belts.  Just about everything else that you see is original.  The seats are original and in great condition.  In the video you'll see I put seat covers from Walmart on the bucket seats.  That's purely because the original vinyl gets really hot when the top is down.
We kept the dashboard original.  It was in excellent shape.  The radio is AM only.  You can buy stereos that look vintage, but I didn't want to alter the dash.  With technology today, you can find other ways to listen to music (and for much cheaper!).  I bought a HMDX HX-P120GY HoMedics Neutron Wireless Suction Speaker that links to my phone for music and hands-free calls.  It also has a suction cup on it, so you can put it just about anywhere in the car.
After looking through the paperwork that came with the car, my guess is I'm around the fifth owner.  The car was originally purchased in 1971 in Newport News, Virginia.  From there I know that two different people owned it in Mississippi, and I purchased it from a friend in Louisiana.  The car now lives with me in Arkansas.  The Beetle has traveled quite a bit!

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