Friday, January 08, 2016

How to Make Powder Laundry Detergent (EASY!)

Ready to make the easiest powder detergent ever?  It doesn't get easier than this!  It's also much more affordable that buying detergent.  Win-win!

Combine equal parts of oxy powder, baking soda, and washing soda.  You can save even more money if you use an oxy powder cheaper than Tide Oxi.  I had a coupon that saved me a lot of money, so that's why I bought Tide.  I also like the smell, but you won't really smell it once you wash.  You can buy all these products at the grocery store in the cleaning/laundry aisle.

I usually add a cup of each powder into a cleaned out coffee container.  Then I put the lid on and shake, shake, shake!

I use this detergent mainly for Harlow's clothes and cloth diapers.  The liquid detergent I make has Borax in it, and I've read that Borax can irritate a baby's skin.  Harlow has very sensitive skin, so I started making this for her.  Other detergents have bothered her, but this never has.

For a normal load, I use one tablespoon of powder.  A little less for a lighter load, and up to two tablespoons for a heavy load like cloth diapers.

You could use this for all laundry, but I save it for Harlow's laundry and occasionally for mine, because it does cost just a pinch more than the liquid detergent I make.

If you make your own detergent, I'd love to hear how you do it!

*I started making this when I was still pregnant with Harlow to wash her newborn clothes.  I looked up several sites' suggestions on baby detergent, and decided to use this combination.  If there is another blog with this exact recipe, my blog post wasn't mean to plagiarize.  I always love to give credit where credit it due.  I will try to track down all the sources where I found suggestions and post them here.

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