Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Convertible Bug: Childhood Dream Come True!

If you grew up with me, then you know what car I always wanted.  Remember the game MASH?  You would pick what kind of house you wanted to live in, how many kids you would have, where you would live, and what car you would drive.  My three choices were always Vette, Viper, and Volkswagen.  I had a dad and brother who were really in to cars, so I didn't think it was unusual to be in to cars as a little girl!  I always dreamed of having a convertible VW beetle.

When I was in high school and started looking for cars, we couldn't find a convertible VW.  I HAD to have a convertible.  In the end, I'm glad I didn't find a VW, because I got the best car ever-- 1977 Triumph Spitfire.  I love that car and still own it!  The problem with driving it now is that it only has two seats (no backseat) and won't fit a car seat for Harlow.
{Harlow and my dad sitting in the Spitfire}
{Both the Spitfire and the Beetle are yellow-- their original colors!}

Since going to one salary so I can stay home with Harlow, Colin and I are cutting as many corners as possible.  We cut cable (gasp!), buckled down on our budget, and made a huge decision to sell my new(ish) car.  I had a car that I loved driving, but most days it just sat at the house.  We were making monthly payments on it, and then you add in insurance and property taxes.  We have a second vehicle that Colin takes to work and that we drive when we go out of town.  My car was an expense that we knew we could cut.  But what would I drive if we sold it?

My parents and I (and Harlow) went to the town where I grew up to visit friends.  When we drove up to their house, there sat a 1971 convertible Volkswagen Super Beetle.  I couldn't believe it!

Skip forward a couple months later, and we picked up the VW and sold my new car!

My dad is currently restoring the VW, and I can't wait to drive it!

I'll be sure to update you when it's ready to zoom around town!

What car did you always dream of having?

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