Friday, November 14, 2014

ModCloth Gift Guide

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Christmas is coming up, which means time to buy gifts!  One of my favorite online stores is ModCloth. I usually find at least one thing I want for Christmas (like the wallet I carry) and send the link to my husband so he has some gift ideas :).  My shower curtain is from ModCloth, and there's even a rug in Harlow's room that I bought from ModCloth.  I love how unique all the items are.

Here are three items that I think would be great gifts this Christmas (gifts I'd love to get!):

Colin and I love the show Portlandia.  My favorite Portlandia clip takes place in a restaurant (about a chicken named Colin), so it's hilarious that they've come out with a cookbook.

This jewelry box would be great for guys or gals.  After all, guys have watches, exercise bands, collar stays, and little things they need to organize just like us girls.  I like that this is an affordable gift that just about anyone could use.

This coat, unlike the previous two items, would be a total splurge.  It's a reasonable price for a coat, but it's a pricier gift item for someone on a tight budget like me (but it is beautiful!).  Who cares what you're wearing underneath when you have this coat on?!  This is a total statement piece that I think will be in style for years and years to come.

One thing I really like about ModCloth is their sale section-- that's usually where I find my quirky buys!

What items do you think would make great gifts?

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