Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Birth Announcement!

Harlow was a little skeleton for Halloween :)

Our little girl is here!  Harlow Jude made her grand entrance into the world on October 21.  I went into labor on the night of her due date (October 20), and after laboring for about 17 hours and then having an emergency c-section, Colin and I finally got to meet our baby!

We are overjoyed, in love, and a little sleep deprived :).  We think she's the most beautiful person we've ever seen, and we're just so happy to be her parents.

Here are a few photos I snapped of her when she was around 10 days old.  

[You may notice a bruise on Harlow's hand.  She had some breathing issues when she was born and had to stay in the hospital nursery a few extra days.  The bruise is from an IV.  I didn't photoshop the bruise, because I know that one day she'll want to know the story of how she came into the world, and that little bruise is part of the story.]

Cocoon and headband from Yarn Over Little Rock 

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Kelly said...

What a sweetheart - congrats to your family! :)

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