Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Veggie Dinner

Sometimes you just need some veggies.

I love meat, but sometimes I'm just not in the mood for it.  Last night was one of those nights.

I made portabella mushroom sandwiches and roasted cauliflower.

I love a good portabella sandwich.  I made this one a bit differently than usual.
Instead of washing the mushroom, I patted it clean with a damp paper towel.  I heard somewhere (Rachael Ray maybe?) that you're not supposed to completely wet the mushroom.
I still brushed both sides with extra virgin olive oil and then seasoned it with garlic salt, basil, onion powder, and cajun seasoning.
I put them in the skillet and cooked on medium heat until both sides were soft.  Then I turned the burner off and let them sit.  I found that this softens them up more without over cooking them.  It flattens them to make them a little easier to eat as a sandwich.
While the mushrooms sat in the skillet, I sliced some tomatoes from my tomato plant-- that's still producing!
It lives by my washer.  I planted it in a huge pot, and I'm glad I did!  That way I could move it inside when it turned cold outside and the tomatoes would keep coming for a little longer!
I dressed the sandwich with cheddar cheese and mayonnaise mixed with some cayenne pepper.  And it's sitting on a gluten free bun from Dempsey Bakery.
This meal will fill you up without making you feel guilty!  And it has lots of flavor!

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