Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Flourless Cookies

I found a recipe for flourless cookies, which made me really excited since I can't have regular flour!

Well the cookies
1) were easy to make
2) tasted interesting
3) made a large batch
4) only stayed moist for two days...so hurry and eat them!

The first round out of the oven crumbled :(

So then for the second round I actually followed directions and let them cool before taking them off the cookie sheet.

They stayed together better that way but were still fragile.

I threw the crumbled ones in tupperware and took them to work!
People at work thought they tasted like brownies (I'm good with that!).

I would make these again, but I wouldn't use them as a cookie substitute.  If you're craving a cookie, this doesn't quite hit the spot.  If you're in the mood for brownies, then this will probably be a good fit!  I'll go back to making cookies with expensive gluten-free flour for now...

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