Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Fall Engagement Party

Last Friday we had an engagement party for Cody and Meredith!
It was thrown by Meredith's bridesmaids.
Cody is my brother-in-law (Colin's brother).
Meredith is Cody's fiancée (duh!), one of the bridesmaid in my wedding over two years ago, and one of my first friends in college way back in 2003!
Here's the special couple:
Loren (my sister-in-law...Colin's sister) made the engaged banner and MR and MRS pumpkins!
Allison (Meredith's sister) printed out sepia and black&white photos of Cody and Meredith.
The guest book was signing bottles!
Whitney (one of Meredith's bridesmaids) had that idea!
I was in charge of wrapping the cookies...I'll explain a little later!
Yummy appetizers!
Loren also made pumpkins for the tables.  She took lace pantyhose and squeezed the pumpkins into them!
Loren and her boyfriend Destin:
Loren, Meredith, Me:
Meredith and her bridesmaids! (minus Liz that lives out of town)
Sarah, Whitney, Meredith, Allison, Loren, Me
The good looking couple again:
We're #1!  That picture just happened.  We couldn't fight it!
And here's me with my handsome husband:
We had the party at SO Restaurant in Little Rock.  They have a neat room that's separate from the rest of the restaurant, so you completely have your own space.  I definitely recommend it for fancy parties!

Alright...cookie time!
Sarah (a bridesmaid) ordered cookies from Maggie's Cookies in Conway.  Maggie's is delicious!
I put the cookies in food bags and wrapped ribbon around them.
I found the bags and ribbon at Hobby Lobby.  The ribbon had so elastic, so it was super easy to wrap them, and the ends curled on their own!
The party was so much fun!  I hope that Meredith and Cody had a good time!

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