Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dempsey Bakery (in iPhone photos)

Colin and I spent Saturday in Little Rock running errands.  I had a meeting with The Green Corner Store, and we decided to get some more things done while in town.
I was taking a picture of myself, and Colin unknowingly stepped into the mirror!

First stop: Dempsey Bakery
Dempsey Bakery is a new bakery that's entirely gluten free and soy free (two yay's for me!).
They also have dairy free items and vegan goods.
What I loved so much about the bakery is that they had samples out for you to try everything.
Everything!  So you didn't have to wonder if you would like it.
They had cookies, cakes, dessert rolls, breads, pizza crust, soup, chicken pot pie, more things than I can name!
They even had cake pops!  I don't have a picture to show you, because I ate it in about 2 seconds.  It was amazing!
I even love their packaging!
We got a pizza crust (which was so yummy!), rye bread (also delicious); Colin got a blueberry cake donut; I got a death by chocolate cake roll.
Everything was so good that I thought I was going to cry!  I haven't had cake since I found out about my allergies in July.  The last cake was my birthday cake, and I was too sick to even enjoy it.  The cake pop and cake roll made me so happy!  I've already told Colin that I want the death by chocolate for my next birthday cake!
If you're gluten free (or have various other food allergies), Dempsey Bakery is going to make your day!
If you don't have any food allergies, I still encourage you to visit them.  Everything tastes so good-- you won't care if it's missing the usual ingredients!
Thank you, Dempsey.

Now, how about opening a branch in Conway? ;)

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