Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cake in a Cup

There are a few bakeries in town that offer a treat called Cake in a Cup...or something similar to the name.  When bakeries make speciality cakes, they shave off the tops of cakes to make them flat for decorating and stacking.  Instead of throwing away the shavings, they've made a treat that's possibly more delicious than the decorated cake.

Here's my version of Cake in a Cup!

I baked a box of strawberry cake.  I baked it in a bundt pan, because it doesn't stick and it was easier for me to crumble.

Crumble up half of the cake with a spoon and put it in a dish.  I used a glass bowl so it would be pretty and show through!
I then mixed up a cup of powdered sugar with half a stick of margarine and a dash of vanilla.
Drizzle that mixture onto the crumbled cake.
Now crumble the other half of the cake and put it in the bowl.
I microwaved half a tub of cream cheese icing to make it easy to pour.
Drizzle the icing on top of the cake.
I then added white chocolate chips.
Pretty pink!
This cake is super moist and sweet!
I couldn't have any, because it wasn't gluten free :(.
You can either serve it on plates or people can put it in cups and eat it with a spoon!

Colin's birthday was Sunday, and we had quite the full day.  But I managed to bake him a yellow cake with chocolate icing (his favorite).  I usually go all out with the decorating, but because of time issues, he got white chocolate chip lettering!
Happy birthday, Colin! <3


Mlissabeth said...

The cake in a cup looks really yummy! And I love the color.

Angela said...

The cake looks scrumptious. I love strawberry!
I tried your Dimensional Magic tutorial...that stuff is cool, but I had the same issue as you..the words bled through. I will try is again, though and use thicker paper. Thanks for sharing the tute..I would not have known about that stuff!
Have a great weekend.

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