Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Tutorial: Fashion Statement Necklace

I love big and bold fashion pieces, but I do NOT love the big and bold prices that usually come with them.  So I found an easy solution and made my own!

1 curtain tie back (I bought mine at Hancock Fabrics.  I bought multiple colors for multiple necklaces!)
Jewelry wire
Necklace clasp

1) Fold the tie back in half so the ends meet
2) Wrap jewelry wire around both ends (since jump rings are too small to fit around the ends)
3) Attach the ends of the claps through the wire
(click pictures to enlarge)

Now you have your own snazzy necklace for a fraction of the price!
I will have some silver and white necklaces like this for sale at Hillcrest Harvestfest!

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