Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Applique Onesies & Slice Fabrique Review

I won this Slice Fabrique in a blog giveaway a few months ago.
The first time I used the Slice, I got very unhappy and frustrated and gave up.
Then I decided to give it a second run and still didn't turn out thrilled.

I appliqued a few onesies (for others...not for me!) using the Slice:
Complaint 1: I still had to trim the pieces, because the razor did not cut all the way through.  I even followed directions on adjusting the blade.  The parts of the material that did get cut were fuzzy on the edge.
Complaint 2: You must iron interfacing to your fabric.  I wanted to just cut the fabric, but the blade will get caught and move the fabric around unless it's ironed to interfacing.
Complaint 3: You waste quite a bit of fabric getting your shape.  You cut a square of fabric to fit on the cutting board, and you can get only one good shape out of it.  You can get two shapes if you cut the smallest size possible.
I like the concept, considering it's much easier for a machine to cut a shape than for me to try to draw/trace a shape and then cut it to where it looks professional.  But overall, the Slice falls short.
I'm going to give it a few more go's to see if it gets easier or works better.  I've already read the instruction booklet a dozen times, but here we go again!

...to be continued...

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