Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tutorial: Shirt Scarf

DISCLAIMER: This is not my original idea.  I have seen this on several blogs.  I wish I could credit every site I've seen this on, but alas I did not keep a record (shame on me!).  So please know that if this is your original idea, I am not trying to steal.  And thank you for the idea.

Step 1
Grab a shirt.
I used this shirt I got at Walmart last summer.

Step 2
Cut the shirt into horizontal strips.
Most of the tutoriasl I've seen have you cut the strips entirely off, but I left them hanging...I'll explain in a bit.

Step 3
I cut some strips thick and some strips thin.

Step 4
Cut up to the arm pits (or pocket in my case) and then cut it straight across to make a clean break from the top of the shirt.

Step 5
I didn't cut my strips completely separate, because that left them all attached.
Other blogs have cut the strips apart and then attached them together with another piece of fabric.
I thought it was easier to keep them intact.
Twist them a bit and you've got a warm weather scarf!
This would be a great way to transition in to fall!
I think I'm going to make more and layer them!

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