Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tutorial: Scarf + Bag = Scarg?

Need a bag for errands, the library, crafting, kids, groceries, fun?

I have a super easy tutorial on making a great looking bag that's functional and pretty! (and affordable!)

P.S. No sewing required!

Canvas bag (around $1 at a craft store)
Scarf (I got vintage scarves from an antique store, but you might have some laying around that you don't wear!)
Heat 'n Bond (at Walmart or craft store)
Follow the directions on the Heat 'n Bond package to attach the scarf to the bag.
That's it!

Sewing notes:
If you would like to sew around the border of the scarf, make sure you get the Heat 'n Bond that will allow you to sew so that you don't gum up your sewing machine (it will gum it up otherwise...I would know!).
Also, if you realllly want to sew it on, it might be best to make your own canvas bag, because sewing on a pre-made bag will be difficult to get to the bottom (unless it's a big bag).  If you make your own, sew the scarf to the canvas before you sew the sides of the bag together.

I made three bags!
These bags will be for sale if you don't want to bother making your own...

....details coming soon!

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Angela said...

Very creative! I love them!

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