Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gluten Who?

Deep Breath.

I am having to try a gluten free diet.


There.  I said it.

Remember how I said I wasn't feeling too well?

Well, I have been tested for hypothyroid, lupus, anemia, on and on and on.
And everything came back normal, which is a huge blessing.  But something was still wrong and still had to be figured out.

I was tested for celiac disease, and that test came back normal as well.  But my doctor is still wanting me to try the gluten free diet.  He said I could have a gluten sensitivity that doesn't show up in tests.

So I started googling gluten free and saw everything I couldn't (repeat: could not) eat.

That was a downer!

It got very dangerous so I had to put the internet search car in reverse and head a different direction.

I started searching for what I could eat, and that was much more of a relief.

Colin and I went gluten free shopping Monday night and found quite a few things.  Everything is much more costly, but we bought enough for me to eat for about a week or so before needing to restock.

I found some gluten free chips (my weakness and the one thing I was really discouraged about possibly giving up!), rice crackers, rice noodles (lots of rice items), chocolate (desserts are also a real tough sacrifice), and super expensive gluten free bread.

My first gluten free meal was Sunday night.  When I woke up Monday, I was not feeling the change.  (I know it takes time, but I wanted it to be like a magic wand and work instantly).  Monday was actually really tough.  I had a headache for over 24 hours and just felt terrible.  The work day went very slowly feeling like that!

But today, Wednesday, I feel pretty good.  I have completely abstained from any gluten whatsoever.  Last night Colin made shrimp pad thai that was to die for...which gave me more hope that maybe this diet really is possible!

If I get all better and all symptoms go away, then I know gluten free is what's for me.  But if I don't get all better, then I know more tests and a specialist are next on the list.  Both options seem dim.  I love all food and love to try new food, so going gluten free seems like an impossible challenge.  But I also don't want anything more serious to be wrong with me and think it's worth the trade to be completely healthy.

I owe a huge apology to those of you who have to be gluten free.  I had no idea the health/medical reasons, and I had no idea the cost, sacrifice, and lack of availability of foods.  I now sympathize!

If you are gluten free: I would love to know what resources are out there and to know how you do it.  And what about eating out at a restaurant or fast food?

To those of you who are not gluten free: Don't be like I was in being ignorant about people who eat gluten free.  It's not a fad (well, for most).  It's a required diet change necessary for a healthy life for many.

To all: Sorry this post is so long!


MommieJoys said...

I am there too! Just beginning the gluten free trek - it's been about a month for me. My sister-in-law has celiacs and another friend is gluten free as well! Not tredy - necessary!
It IS more difficult to eat this way - a complete lifestyle change! You do have to be careful as you'll end up eating foods more "sugar" or foods that turn to sugar in your system such as potatoes, rice, corn, oats etc. Many restaraunts offer gluten free now - PF Changs for one, and I hear Outback has a killer brownie! I also eat at Chipotle and get grilled strips from Chick-fil-a! Snacks are stuff like Larabars, rice cakes, carrot sticks, lunch meat (Boar's Head or Natural Choice both have some gluten free,) and on and on!
You just have to get creative. Overall, it's a better choice! No trash in your system - more fresh fruits and veggies and plenty of meat!
Good luck!!!

piperdog07 said...

I'm not gluten free but my dad is. Any cookbook by Carolyn Fenster is highly recommended.

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