Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Feathered Hair...Not Like the '70s

I've always had a thing for feathers.  Here's proof!  I love feather jewelry and feather decor and paintings.  As a kid, I loved finding feathers on the ground...that I later had to throw out because birds carry some nasty things. 

So when I first saw a magazine that featured feathers in hair, I fell in love!  I immediately texted my friend Jessica who also does my hair and asked if she could put feathers in my hair.  About a month later, I was sporting these:
Yes, they are bold and bright!  Everyone else I saw getting them was getting them tucked under hair and picking colors to match their hair color.  I told Jessica to make mine stand out and to not hide them under layers of hair!
here they are pulled half back
here they are with my hair down...yes that's me in my bath robe ;)
I got three feathers- a blue one, purple one, and blondish yellow one.  The blue and purple feathers are short and the yellow is longer.
shameless mirror pic! here are the feathers pulled back in a ponytail

The feathers are put in like extensions (I say that, but I've never had extensions, so what do I know?) and attached to a piece of my hair.  I love the feathers!  I was really lucky that the place I go to let me pick my colors and was really affordable.  I've heard of people only being able to pick packages and not picking the feathers individually and costing twice or more what mine cost.  Do a little research on salons before you go and price shop!

Does anyone else have feathers?
and today i'm sporting the feather headband i wore to our wedding rehearsal almost two years ago!

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