Friday, May 06, 2011

Baby of the 80s, Child of the 90s

A few weeks ago I was at my parents' house, and mom made me clean out my old room.  She wanted me to go through and throw out what I didn't want and then neatly organize what I wanted to keep.  Here are a few things I found:
not only was this a great cartoon, but what a cool crayon package!
i was a barbie fiend and had the card to prove it!
what girl didn't love lisa frank?
 my jazz and clogging shoes-- and they still fit!
 my awesome tape collection
 bangles and tshirt ties!
 a ring and stamp in one!
 i really don't know how i got this.  i remember this show, but i think i was too young for the trading cards.  maybe they were my brother's.
disney story cassette tapes.  most people have vhs movies.  i had tapes!
and no, this wasn't in my room from way back when.  i just bought this at the store, but it reminded me of summers at the baseball fields!

oh childhood, where did you go?

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Kelly H said...

I think I had a similar crayon box. They still need to come in hard plastic boxes. Those were cool.
I definitely remember the Lisa Frank stuff and the stamp rings! I got so ticked that ink wouldn't last long and I couldn't stamp much.
Should probably go to my parent's and see what treasures I can find. :)

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