Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Update & Golden Globes

I've got to get this out of the was True Grit not nominated for a single Golden Globe?  Was it filmed too late in the year?  I'm hoping that's the reason.  Maybe it'll get some nods from the Oscars.

And we all know the real reason for these award shows...celeb fashion.
I like Anne Hathway's dress and Claire Danes's.  January Jones is way too pretty for that swimsuit top dress.  Speaking of True Grit, Hailee Steinfeld's dress was totally age appropriate, which made me happy.

Okay now to my weekend:

Colin, my dad, and I took a scuba introduction class Saturday.  We're totally hooked now and want to be certified...if we can figure out how to pay for it!  Sorry, no pics of us in the awesome scuba gear.  I thought about getting a picture as we were driving away...kinda late.

After lunch, we went to the Old Statehouse Museum to see an exhibit on the architect who designed my brother's house.

We also checked out a few other exhibits, including one on the history of Arkansas criminals!

The last thing we saw was an exhibit of paintings of famous Arkansas musicians.

Colin and I moseyed over to Williams Sonoma where I found a few cookbooks on sale.
Then I spent Sunday afternoon marking what recipes I wanted to try (hence all the yellow sticky notes!).

My weekend ended with uploading a pretty cool iPhone app (inspired by the Golden Globes).
You can take video with your iPhone or iPod and make it look like old footage!
You can change lenses, films, flash, and even make the film move to look like it's skipping!
Here's a sample (it's not exciting at all...just an example):

I had a pretty good weekend.  Colin's weekend isn't over yet, because he's off work for MLK day.  Maybe he'll surprise me with a clean house or dinner (fingers crossed)!!!

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