Monday, January 24, 2011

Grilling Goodness

My husband, Colin, turned 30 back in November (If you're wondering, I'm just a baby and in my mid-twenties), and his sister gave him FireWire.  His sister, Loren, works as a designer at a company that specializes in outdoor spaces.  Think about those shows on HGTV that design amazing patios with outdoor cooking and fireplaces and make you dream of your own paradise, and you'll understand what she does.  Pretty cool!
We're just now getting around to using the Fire Wire, mainly because Colin has had to do some minor repairs to the grill.
I picked veggies that I had already (carrots, tomatoes, radishes, red skin potatoes) and put them on the FireWire.
Then I threw the FireWire in a bag and seasoned everything.
The meat you see is round steak seasoned with this Weber packet.  The seasoning is so yummy, and the steak was incredible (and round steak is pretty inexpensive!).
The great thing about the Fire Wire is you season your veggies (and meat if you put it on there) on the FireWire and then throw it on the grill.  It keeps everything together and works so much better than the wood sticks that burn and fall apart!  When it's all cooked, you just slide everything off the FireWire to serve it.
This meal was delicious!!!

If you know Loren (or me!), she can sell you this great contraption.  If you don't know Loren, then I'm sure you can find it online.  I won't go searching and post a link, though, because you'd be better off to get it from her ;).  She could tell you all about them herself if she ever sets up her own design blog (hint hint, Loren!).

EDIT: To answer a few questions, yes the FireWire is reusable.  I even threw mine in the dishwasher (I should read the package to make sure that's okay!).  The FireWire has two ends.  One of the ends you keep off the grill so it stays cool for you to move it around.  This thing can hold a ton of food too, but doesn't take up much space because it curls up nicely if needed or stays straight.
Let me know if you have any more questions!


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Marla Sweetie...
What a wonderful share this is. It looks like a wonderful thing to have for all families that like cooking out. I am assuming this wire is reusable? It would be wonderful for veggies and even kabobs. Looks like quite a bit can go on there.

I will have to be checking on this for dear Hubby. I think he would like Fire Wire as well. Thank you for the share.

Many hugs and much love, Sherry

marla grace said...

sherry, i hope i covered your question in my blog edit!
let me know if you get one and use it!

Loren said...

Ahh! Your veggies look delish! I'm so glad you like the Firewire! The skewers are stainless steel & yes, dishwasher safe! You can find them at Antique Brick Outdoors in Little Rock!

P.S. One of these days I will have a blog! I pinky promise!:)

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