Thursday, January 13, 2011

Decorate Your Home & Self

I redecorate my mantle just about every month, but it's never very drastic.  After taking down all my Christmas decorations, I decided to not put anything back that was there before Christmas.  Well, kinda.  I put the bird picture back.  But that's really it.  I decided to use books as the base of decorating.  And since I got a couple more hurricane vases from my mother-in-law, I incorporated that too.
I went through my books and pulled out the ones that are old (dating back to early 1900s) or just look old (just a few years old).
I stacked the books according to color.  For example, stack of blue, stack of red, stack of tan, etc.
Fill clear vases with decorative balls or anything really of interest.

I took a chunky frame and put in a picture that I took in China.
I wanted the mantle to look antique-y and comfortable and interesting.  I'm hoping it doesn't look cluttered or suggest I'm too lazy to walk to the bookshelf :).
The decorating didn't cost me a dime!  I already owned everything-- best way to decorate/remodel!

I tried to dress to match my mantle and came up with this:
black dress: GAP
brown belt: Walmart
gray heather tights: Walmart
brown boots:
jewelry: tiffany's (i've got a great man ;) )


Holly said...

picture form china?? when did you go to china??

marla grace said...

i went in 2008 for work. i get to go to some pretty neat places for work :)

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