Friday, December 10, 2010

My Christmas Tree(s) & Mantle

Later today I'll announce the final giveaway of the week.  I'm having to wrap up a few things before the reveal.  Until then, go enter the other giveaways and take a peek into my home :).

Welcome to Christmas at my house!
I have a new Christmas doormat now that's much cleaner and cuter than that old one.  I got it at Hancock Fabrics.  Mesh ribbon is from Hobby Lobby.  Set of trees (left) from Walmart.  Snowman from Big Lots.  Lighted porch tree from Ace Hardware.  Reindeer wreath hanger from Big Lots.  Lighted garland from Walmart.  Wreath from Target (last year).

Wreath from Michael's.  Ribbon from Walmart.  Hanging on 3M strips.

Mr. Snowman from Hobby Lobby.  I have a Christmas flag with our last initial on it on the other side of the steps (it wasn't up yet when I took these pictures!).

There's all kinds of stuff going on here from all kinds of places from several years!

This is the ornament Colin used to propose to me two years ago!

Easy Christmas decorating: put balls in glass containers you use year round.  As I was writing this blog, I saw these all over the Today Show set!  The elf candlestick holder is from CB2.

Our college alum colors are purple and gray.  So, we had to get this tree!  Everything on it is purple and white.  And there are some football ornaments mixed in.  The big purple light bulb is from Target, and the glittery stuff coming out the top of the tree is from Walmart.  I used a college blanket for a tree skirt.  We even strung purple and silver lights on it.

This is our new 9 ft tree!  It's actually passed down from Colin's uncle, but it looks brand new, and we love it!  We have 12 ft ceilings, so we needed a tall tree, but I needed it to be slim.  Ignore that ladder in the corner...we needed it to get to the top of the tree!  This tree has ornaments we have collected since we got engaged (3 Christmases together!) and fun ones we've picked up along the way.

This was my first tree as an "adult".  I had it in my first house as a single gal.  I didn't have a lot of room for a tree, so I got this one, and it sat up on a piano bench.  Now it's our snowman tree.  It has adorable "kiddy" ornaments on it.

My mom gave me her gingerbread house village when I had my first house.

You have to drink egg nog when you're decorating!  I found this Holiday Nog which is actually 2% milk flavored like egg nog.  So it's a little less guilty, but I promise you can't taste the difference!  The problem is it doesn't stay on the shelves.  I got this at Target, and it was the last one.  It's that good!

Have you posted pictures of your Christmas decor?  Leave a comment to the link so I can see!


Unknown said...

Lovely house! Thanks for the tip on the eggnog. I've only found the full-fat kind, but will make a special trip to look for this.

The Rantings of a Drama Queen's Mum said...

Your house looks great. I love Egg nog. I buy the Hood light egg nog, but you might not have it in your area.

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