Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Giveaway & DIY Scrap Rosette Accessory & Scrap Notebook

Rosettes are everywhere right now- from casual to dressy.  I even have a fancy black dress with rosettes on the bottom.  One of today's giveaways is inspired for the rosette fad.  The other giveaway is inspired by finding uses for scrap fabric!

Here's a tutorial on how I made today's giveaways.
fabric scraps
fabric glue
alligator clips

First, I made the rosettes.  There are a ton of tutorials on making rosettes.  I make a knot and then wrap fabric around it, gluing along the way.

Cluster your rosettes together, and glue them to fleece.  Cut the excess fleece 

Make two slits in the fleece (careful not to cut the rosettes), and stick an alligator clip through.

I also made this necklace!  It will be for sale in my etsy shop.

The other giveaway is a scrappy notebook.
The notebook is new (and green in more than one way-- meaning color and eco friendly!).  I took bits of fabric and glued them onto the cover of the notebook.  You could stop there, but I stitched around the fabric for extra hold and for an added touch.

Day 1 here!
Day 2 here !

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