Wednesday, December 08, 2010

DIY & GIVEAWAY DAY 3- Christmas Goods & Fabric Clothespins & Magnets

Today is Day 3 of Giveaway Week!  Through Friday, I will have one giveaway a day.  You can enter each giveaway until Sunday, December 12.  The winners for each giveaway will be announced Monday, December 13.

Today's Giveaways:
Earlier I was hinting to what today's giveaway would be.  This is a two part giveaway.  The first part is related to Christmas (that was the hint)!

A big red bow, two purple snowflakes, white ceramic cross ornament, silver ball (which I'll personalize with the winning name!)
*Tomorrow I'll show how I used each of these same elements in my house!


Fabric clothespins and magnets
*You will will receive 4 clothespins and 2 magnets (the ones pictured will be part of the pack...and the glue isn't dry in that picture!).

One person will win the Christmas pieces and clothespins and magnets!  Check below for a tutorial on the clothespins and magnets.

To enter:
Follow my blog, and leave a comment on this post.

Bonus entires:
Facebook, Tweet, or Blog about this giveaway, and come back and leave a separate comment for each.

Winner will be announced Monday, December 13.  Entries excepted through Sunday, December 12.

Don't forget to also enter

Want to make your own fabric clothespins and magnets?  It's easy!

You'll need scrap fabric, Mod Podge (I used matte), scissors, clothespins, magnets.

Put Mod Podge on the clothespin, and lay the fabric on top.  I cut the fabric to be a little larger than the clothespin.  That makes it easier to work with and glue down.  Do the same to the other side of the clothespin.

Lay the magnet on the fabric to measure amount needed.  I also cut the fabric a little larger than the magnet.

Put Mod Podge on the magnet, and lay the fabric on top.  Then put Mod Podge on top of the fabric.  Do the same to the top of the fabric on the clothespins.  This stiffens the fabric and secures it will stay on.

Trim away the excess fabric.

There ya go!  Now you have super cute magnets that you'd be proud to put on your fridge!  And those clothespins could be great for all kinds of things!  You could even go a step farther and add a magnet to the back of the clothespins!
Let me know if you try it!

Come back tomorrow for Day 4 of giveaways!


Holly Days Closet said...

;) I'm in what a cool give away. I love your blog.

Unknown said...

These are so cute - and I posted the giveaway on FB!

Knititall said...

I love this tutorial - I've been thinking of making magnets recently, this will come in very handy. Thanks for sharing your methods with us!

Knititall said...

I also posted about today's giveaway here:

Knititall said...

I tweeted about you too @knititall (oh and I forgot to add in the first post that I of course follow your blog).

Unknown said...

I'm a follower. Am enjoying the tutorials.

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