Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thrift Store Finds

I never have much time to go check out thrift shops, but this past week I visited three and got treasures from each!

Saturday the hubby and I took some donations to the humane society thrift shop.  I haven't shopped there in a few years, so I had to check it out.  I got these three books for 50 cents each!

Last Monday (on my birfday!) my parents and hubby and I went to a thrift shop that's only open on Memorial Day, Labor Day, and 4th of July.  We snagged several records for $1 or $2 each.  Above are just a few.
I also got the picture below...it's huge!  I thought it would be fun in our house.  I haven't decided exactly where to hang it yet, but I think it'll look good in the orange room with the green frame!  The drawing is one out of 32.  It's signed by the artist.  It's apparently a pretty good find (so the antique store lady said!)  I got it for $30; it was a birthday present to myself.

After we went to the humane society thrift store on Saturday, we swung by the Salvation Army.  I found this 60's era sewing table for $25.

I need to get it cleaned up and see if it works.  I wanted it even if it doesn't operate!

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