Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Some Quirky Inspiration

Thank you everyone for allowing me to break my own rule and post random recipes!  You got my back!

I wanted to share this video of a Vivienne Westwood interview to encourage all you crafters, bakers, artists, writers, creators to do what you do, no matter how odd it may seem to some, because you never know when you're changing the world :)

Have a good creating day!


Edit: While you're crafting today, listen to some Satellite.  My friend Josh (who sang and played in our wedding...not to be confused with my brother Josh who did also) is in the band.  He's the one in the music video that lights his cigarette with a blow torch (yes, that made me nervous).


Mike H said...

She was married to Malcolm McClaren, the Sex Pistols manager.

marla grace said...

yep! she left her first husband for him.
she's got to be quirky to be part of that crew!

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