Friday, June 25, 2010

Meet Ruby. Pit Bull Awareness & Education

Meet Ruby

Ruby was adopted from a humane society when she was a puppy.  She's now 3 three year old and thinks she's still a baby.

Ruby as a puppy:
She didn't stay a fur ball for long-- she grew really fast!

Ruby is a pit bull and boxer mix.
The mention of "pit bull" makes some people nervous.
I understand there are a lot of fears about pit bulls, but those are misconceptions.
Pit bulls (and boxers) are bred to be family dogs-- protecting their family.  Loyalty is one of their greatest traits.
Here are some things you may not know about pit bulls- they are loving, intelligent, funny, cuddly, and great with kids.
Pit bulls that are prone to attack have been abused by their owners.  It is a shame that pit bulls' amazing traits (loyalty and intelligence) have been used against them for the gain of their owners.

Even the dog whisperer has pit bulls and uses them to rehabilitate other dog breeds!

Before you rule that an entire dog breed is unworthy of love and should not be allowed to live in certain cities, educate yourself and meet a pit bull that has been properly trained and loved.

Pit Bull Breed Info
Pit Bull Lovers
Pit Bull Rescue

Ruby says, "do it for me!"
Ruby has brought me and my husband such happiness.  She is part of our family and is an exceptional dog.

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Katie. said...

My husband and I have a pit bull boxer mix too! We got her from a man who was going to take her to the pund when she was about 6 weeks old. She is the sweetest, smartest, gentlest pup I have ever had. She is about 5 and a half now.

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