Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mini Wallet

I purchased a wallet pattern from Polly Danger a few months back.  I sat down on Memorial Day and finally tried it out.
Here it is:
The fabric (minus the khaki) is from Walmart for $1/yard.  You'll notice the green fabric is left over from my last skirt project, and the floral pattern is from another skirt you'll see soon ;).

I love that there are three pockets for cards and cash.
I'll be adding some velcro after I run to the store to restock and then it will be on its way to a new mommy to throw in her diaper bag.

This was easy to make, especially since the instructions had step-by-step pictures.  I think I could have churned more out if I wasn't distracted by all the war movies that were on TV for Memorial Day!
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