Monday, June 07, 2010

Homemade Business Cards

Last week I sat down to make my own business cards, and it turned out to be pretty quick and easy!
Card stock
White paint
Foam brush
Rubber stamp (purchased from Hobby Lobby or Michael's)
Bird hole punch
Shimmery pens

I cut the card stock sheets into four pieces.  Then I used the brush to dab some paint onto the M initial stamp.  On the front of the card, I stamped the M and wrote in my shop name.

On some cards (the white ones below), I didn't stamp the M initial and just wrote the shop name.

Then I punched the bird into the card to be able to add string and attach to items.

I used shimmery gel pens to write on the cards.  On the back of each card I wrote my blog address (see purple card below).  I have professional cards with my etsy address printed, so this is an alternative to that.

These didn't take long at all to make-- about an hour watching tv!
This is a really inexpensive way to get some tags for your products!

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