Monday, May 10, 2010

Shirt + Material = Dress

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(Sorry for the poor photo hubby and I are working on bettering the modeling sessions :) )
(I wore the dress the next day to my sister-in-law's college graduation.)

I got the tank for $4 at Wal-Mart and the material for $1/yard at Wal-Mart.  I used the extra material I cut from the tank to make the ruffles on the neck.  The ruffles added a little pizzazz and raised the neckline.

The instructions for the dress are from Little Red Roost.  I'm so glad I found the site, because this was a great idea!  I had to alter the instructions a bit to fit my body.  I didn't need as much fabric as I thought.  Personally, enough fabric to go around me twice was way too much.  I also kept trying to sew the sash on but then I couldn't get the dress on.  That's when I realized the sash probably wasn't supposed to be sewn on (I'm learning!), so I tied it on and knotted it in the back, which looked better than a bow.

I made this dress in an afternoon.  This is fun and simple to make-- just remember that a seam ripper is your friend and have a little patience along the way :).  Everyone thought I had bought the dress at a boutique, so it was a hit!


Hattie said...

Very cute! I Love your version - It turned out so well :-)

Julie Riisnaes said...

Lovely! I would never have guessed that yellow t-shirt would have worked as a starting point!

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