Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Embroidered Fish Banner

I didn't want Harlow's birthday shirt to have a number on it this year or a fish (her theme), but I wanted her to have something to mark her second birthday party.  I made a banner to hang at her party and have plans on how to use it after the party (stay tuned for a future post!).

The fish and wave designs are FREE!  I hand stitched sequins on the fish for an eye.  The font I used for the name is from Boutique Fonts, and the number 2 is from Planet Appliqué (click HERE to get 20% off at Planet Applique).  I used Sew What Pro program to combine all the files into one design.

I sewed a hem to put a dowel rod through and strung it with twine.  I got a pack of dowel rods in the craft sections of Walmart for pretty cheap.

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