Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fish Themed Birthday Cake + Food + Invitation + Decorations

I have a two-year-old!  How is this possible?  Our Harlow loves fish, so we had a fish themed party at our house.

The invitation artwork is free from freepik.  Stanton Aquarium is our house ;).

Let's talk cake...that's what's really important.
I made a strawberry cake in a bundt pan.  I cut it in half and put icing in the middle.  The icing in the middle had strawberries blended in with it.  You can't have strawberry cake without strawberry icing!  I didn't put strawberries in the icing on the outside of the cake, because I wanted the icing to be blue.  I used the same cake and icing recipes as last year.  Click HERE for the recipes.  This year I added blue food coloring to the icing (and of course left out strawberries on the outside).

I decorated the cake with gummy worms and fish and a gator and frog and shark sprinkles.  Blue cotton candy is in the middle of the cake (the bundt hole).  I made a fish (or mermaid) tail with cardboard and sequins.  The glitter number 2 candle is from Walmart.  Those confetti balloons are also from Walmart.
On the cake table there were also strawberries and jello with Juju fish.

The food table had chili cheese dip, chips, black bean hummus, roasted red pepper hummus, whales (Walmart's take on Goldfish) in a sand bucket, strawberry shortcake Goldfish, vanilla cupcake Goldfish, and a raw sushi bar Swedish fish, Juju fish, gummy worms, and sour straws.  We served drinks in a swimming pool, because duh!

I had books with fish in them around the dining room and a banner.  And lots of pictures of Harlow (these were printed from Parabo).

Harlow (with occasional help from me and Colin) colored lots of fish coloring pages we found online, and I hung them on the curtain rod and the doorway with yarn and small craft clothespins.

It was a fun day!  If you're thinking of having a fish themed party, I hope this gave you some ideas!

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