Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Polaroid Lighted Banner + Baby Boy Shower

My sister-in-law Loren had a family baby shower this weekend.  My mother-in-law had lots of yummy food, and Loren got some really cute gifts.

I made a little banner to hang outside.  I took a string of lights and used mini clothespins that you can pick up at a craft store to hang the polaroids.
I had some expired polaroid film.  On the front side of the film, I used varying blue Sharpies to write the baby's name.
On the back of the film, I used silver and gold Sharpies to write the name.
Don't have expired Polaroid film?  Don't want to spend a lot to buy a Polaroid printer?  I found a Polaroid app in the Apple store.  There is also a program you can download on your computer called Poladroid that turns any photo into a Polaroid.  Then you could print out the photos.  Or you can just make your own template!  I searched Polaroid Template on the internet and found lots of options.

Now, here's some photos from the shower.  I can't wait for that lil baby to get here!
 ^^ There's a baby in her belly! ^^
 ^^ Mom & Daughter ^^
 ^^ Sister & Brother (my hubby :) ) ^^
 ^^ Harlow refused to be left out of the family photo ^^
 ^^ The expectant parents ^^
^^ Colin's grandmother ^^
^^ The parents-to-be with their moms ^^

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