Sunday, May 15, 2016

Baby Boy Monogram Onesies + Dinosaur Baby Shower

My sister-in-law is having a little boy this summer, so I'm getting to buy and make all kinds of little boy clothes!  I loooove making things for my daughter (girls are so fun!), but I've also really been enjoying all the boy things I've come across in stores and in craft ideas.

Below are some embroidery projects I've been making for some little boys (a friend is also due with a boy this summer).

First I'll show you some pictures from a dinosaur themed baby shower I threw with some of my sister-in-law's friends.

Now on to the onesies!
The font used for the CVL monogram is Pessoas Lindas.  I used Sew What Pro (SWP) to make the updated looking monogram.

The high top is from Lynnie Pinnie, and I used SWP to add the name in the font A Year Without Rain.  I used felt and fleece to give the shoe some dimension.

The sunglasses are also from Lynnie Pinnie.  I put a little C in the corner, but you can't really tell unless you're looking.

Yep, the bear is from Lynnie Pinnie, too!  Her stuff stitches out so well, and unlike some designers, she includes a file of the order of what stitches.  It takes the guess work out of it.

I used SWP to combine all the elements you see.  I can't remember for sure, but I think the font I used for UCA is Fava.  I skipped some stitches at the end on my embroidery machine to leave it with just a simple stitch on the edges to make it look more collegiate.  I used either A Year Without Rain font or Forever 'n Ever font for the word soccer (I can't remember!).  My sister-in-law's husband played soccer at the college we all attended.

And here is one more pair of glasses from Lynnie Pinnie for my friend's little boy that's on the way.  The font is Forever 'n Ever, and I used SWP to add it above the pocket.  I also shrunk down each sunglass pocket to 50% of the size to get it to be proportional to the onesie.

I had no idea that boy clothes could be so cute!  Here are some things I've found.  Boys may not have all the accessories that girls have, but it doesn't mean there aren't cute things out there!

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