Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Cloud Mobile

The second project I finished for our baby's room was her mobile.  I see cloud mobiles all over Pinterest.  I knew I wanted to do something similar, so this is what I came up with!

Here's how I made her cloud mobile:

1. Cut stars out of faux leather (or vinyl).  I used a thick faux leather so the stars wouldn't fold in to themselves.  I drew the stars by hand and then traced them to have an exact match for each star, since I was gluing two pieces together.

2. Use metallic gold spray paint so the stars are all the same color and have a fun shine!

3. Draw a cloud template on newspaper. Trace the template onto your fabric.  You'll need to also trace and cut a mirrored piece of the cloud since you'll be sewing two sides together (just flip the cloud to the other side for the second piece of cloud).

4. Sew the two cloud pieces together, right sides facing .  Leave a small opening so you can turn the cloud right side out.

5. Snip all around the edges, making sure not to snip into the thread.  This will help make smoother edges when the cloud is turned right side out.

6. Flip the cloud right side out, and fill with fiberfill or stuffing of choice.  Then, hand-stitch the opening closed (not pictured).

7. Take string or fishing line or plastic jewelry wire to hang the stars from the cloud.  I used  old guitar strings.  The great thing about guitar strings is they have holes on the end that are perfect for sewing onto the cloud.  Hand-stitch the strings onto the cloud.  I had four strings, and I made each a different length.

8. Glue the stars onto the other end of the strings (like a sandwich).  I used E6000 glue and used clothespins to hold the stars to the strings as the glue dried.

9. Create a loop for your mobile to hang from the ceiling.
a) Cut a strip of fabric about two inches wide and a few inches long.
b) Fold the strip in half, and sew the sides together.
 c) Turn it right side out to have a tube.
 d) Fold the tube in half.
 e) Fold in half again.
 f) Create a loop, and hand stitch closed.

10. Hand stitch the loop to the center top of the cloud and tie twine (or yarn or whatever you want) through the loop.

11. FINALLY-- Hang the cloud!  I used a hook that screws into the ceiling.

I'm really happy with how it turned out and think it can be used as decor once she no longer needs a mobile!

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