Wednesday, April 04, 2012


I saw this post from Skunkboy Creatures and thought I'd tag along.

As you can tell from the photo, I am exhausted.  It's the end of the work day, and my day is far from over.  If only I could sneak in a nap!  A long nap!

Obsessing over: I am totally obsessed with the newest Coldplay album.  Although it's been out for a bit, it exactly what I was needing to listen to right now.  Funny how music means more when the songs fit your current life situation!  This CD is for sure going to be in my car all summer.  It's best when turned up loud...especially song #10!

Working on: I am working on finishing up several projects at work.  I'm also working on remodeling our house.  And I'm working on a new project that I'll be able to tell you about soon.  This is why I'm tired!

Thinking about: Easter.  I've got to take up the shoulders in my Easter dress.  I better remember that before Sunday!

Anticipating: I'm off work on Friday for Good Friday.  I'm so looking forward for a day to catch up on stuff at home.

Listening to: Sucre

Eating: Lara bars, peanut butter chocolate chip in particular.  

Wishing: For a day of rest...which is coming very soon!  I also have some very big wishes coming true...but I can't tell you just yet what they are!  (And no, there are no babies on the way...better clear that up!)

What's going on with you currently?

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