Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Baby Mobile- Space Theme

I love making things for babies!  You can't help but smile as you make something for a new little person that will be entering the world.

Colin and I don't have any kids yet, but we have quite a few friends that are having babies, so I've been making lots of adorable little items.

Our friend Jeanette will be having a little girl soon, and she and her husband have done the nursery in a space theme.  Jeanette found a mobile she liked on a blog, and I worked to recreate it.

Here's my version (I tried to stay pretty true to the original felt characters):
This mobile was so much fun to make!
I used a wreath form (painted it silver) to hang the felt pieces that I hand stitched.  They're hanging from clear, stretchable jewelry wire (well, it's plastic, so it's not technically wire).  The wreath form is hanging from silver jewelry chain.  The hook at the top is a jewelry piece.

And I found a few additional space items while I was picking up craft supplies.
Who knew there were such cute space things out there?!
Baby stuff is so much fun!

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Katie Swindler said...

I love this!! Thanks so much for posting about it on my blog! This is the first time anyone has ever made something inspired by me. You've just made my day! I LOVE the silver form at the top - a great improvement and very space-y! Brava! I know the wee one will love it - mine certainly did!

Unknown said...

this is absolutely adorable. great work.

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