Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Websites to Check Out

Here are a few sites you need to check out!

This website is too much cuteness-- in a good way!  I was going to link to my favorite posts, but I gave up after I realized I "awwwed" at every post!  This site is great when you need some brightening up.

I know, I know, you know what Pinterest is!  I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest.  I think that it can be a huge time waster and it can lead to copying what you see rather than being unique and original.  But I think it can also be a great resource.  I've used it most for recipes.  I can find a recipe in a snap and read what other people think about it.  If you're not on Pinterest yet, and you're trying decided whether or not to join, I say go for it.  Just don't lose your own creativity or let yourself be overwhelmed by it all.

I was in college with Corey, and she's now started a styling blog.  I designed her blog and business cards.  Her blog is new, so go give her some love!

I can't believe I forgot this site...I had to come back and add it!
Each day (sometimes multiple times a day) this adorable dog patiently sits while food is put on her head.  She should be featured on cuteoverload!  I also love that she looks like my dog Ruby :).

What websites are you loving right now?

1 comment:

corey said...

thanks for the shout out. And I love that dog with the candy hearts on its little head :)

ps: i just sent you like 5 one line emails! sorry!! :)

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