Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Custom Orders

I was on vacation a couple weeks before Christmas, and my break was spent working on custom orders.  I had some husbands who needed gifts for their wives, so I got to take a general idea and make what I thought would fit the ladies!

The first husband told me he wanted scarves that were pink and red.  You can't tell very well from these iphone photos, but the first scarf was mainly red with some pink shades, using a traditional yarn. The second scarf used pom pom yarn, which can be fun but also a bit of a pain to work it.

The second husband said his wife wanted something "cool".  I talked to the wife, and she wanted neutrals.  For her first scarf, I did a two tone gray and wheat scarf.  The second scarf was a fleece infinity that I sewed together.

I love doing custom orders, because I'm always thinking of the person while making it.  But it can also be a bit intimidating, because you hope they like it!

Did you make any handmade gifts for Christmas presents?

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