Thursday, August 11, 2011


Saturday I got heat exhaustion and got very sick.  Colin had to even stop and pull over on the way home from the lake.

Monday night I woke up to a crying puppy that's afraid of storms.
And I awoke to food poisoning.  I had a couple days of dates with the bathroom tile.
TMI?  Probably so.

Can I get a break?!?

That's why I've been absent (again).

Anyhoo...back to the subject at hand...

Do you Instagram?  You should!  I love's a great way to get a peek into people's lives (friends and strangers alike) without all the stress of Facebook.
Am I the only one who gets stressed by Facebook these days?

If you Instagram, find me!  I'm marlagrace.

Don't Instagram?  Start!  Then find me!

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