Thursday, February 03, 2011

Victoria's Secret Wrap Sweater Knock-Off

I found directions for making this Bernina Chic Wrap and it seemed like the day I finished it, I got a Victoria's Secret catalog in the mail with an almost identical wrap!  Check it out the Victoria's Secret Wrap Sweater and see all the various ways to wear it.

I got the material on sale, so it cost me less than $5 to make this.  That's much cheaper than the $49 sale price at VS!
I'm only 5'1'', so the wrap is a bit long for me and looks silly just hanging down.  It looks better if I wrap and tie it in the back or knot it in the front.  If you're super tall, this would be perfect; however, the back of the wrap hits my waist, so taller people need to adjust it to be longer in the back.

Don't you just love when you can make something that you find in style at a store!!!

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