Wednesday, February 09, 2011

V-Day Decor (continued)

It's a SNOW DAY here!  We woke up to a snow dusting with the snow coming down like crazy.  So now the most important decision of the day is-- do I make pancakes or biscuits and sausage gravy for breakfast?  While I battle deciding, check out the rest of my Valentine decorations, and have a great day!

Tablecloth: Target (Christmas clearance)
Heart wreath (on plate stand): Target (dollar bin)
Basket with heart liner: Target (dollar bin)
Red bead strand: Target (Christmas clearance)
LOVE blocks: Target (dollar bin)
Tulip vase: It had real tulips in it from Colin's last V-Day
Freames with magnets: had for awhile
XOXO candles: had for awhile
V-Day stamp: Target (dollar bin)

The LOVE blocks turn into other words like KISS!

On my buffet I have candlesticks from our wedding, other decor that I keep out year round that's red, and a heart plate (from Target dollar bin) on a plate stand.  Ignore the candy canes!  

Use what you have that's red and group it together or make a few purchases that are affordable.  I love the dollar bins at Target (as you can tell!), because for just a couple bucks you have holiday decorations.  Why spend a lot of money on something that will only be out a few weeks?

I wanna see how you decorated!  Link to your blog if you have pictures of what you've done!

For now I'm off to cook breakfast (still deciding!)...

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Liberty said...

Super cute!!

I'm a new follower, :)


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